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Laminated glass

Laminated Glass Sydney

It's made of two or more than two sheets of glass between which one or multi-layers of PVB with strong cohesion is sandwiched under high temperature and pressure.

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Features :
laminated glass sydney
  1. Safety: When laminated glass is attacked by outside force, it hard to be penetrated because PVB film has strong bonding strength and can absorb and weaken a mass of striking energy. Even if it's broken, the splinters will stick to the interlayer and not scatter.
  2. Sound Insulation: PVB film can effectively prevent sound wave.
  3. Anti-UV: Laminated glass can effectively prevent UV.
  4. Security: It's impossible to cut the laminated glass with glass cutter; therefore laminated glass has strong resistance function to evil intentions.
Application :

Building window and door, high grade curtain wall, skylight, elevated floor, furniture, showcase, counter, automotive glass and aquarium etc

Specification :
  • Max Size: 2600*6000mm
  • Min Size: any
  • Sole glass thickness 3mm-25mm
  • Film thickness: 0.38mm and multiple of 0.38mm